Why am I here?

No, this isn’t me asking existential questions about life. I am simply guessing what you may currently be thinking – why is she writing a blog? And the truth is, I’m not sure myself (no bullshit here folks, I am going to be brutally honest). I just seem to have found myself at a completely crazy point in my life that I never saw coming and thought that maybe someone could relate…

So to give you a quick overview, I’m 29, in a relationship and I have been made redundant. I have very few savings (who can save in this day and age) and as a result, I am having to move out of the gorgeous flat I was living in and move back in with my parents…yep, that’s right, my parents. The dream of every soon to be 30 year old! So what do I do? Well firstly, I run headfirst into the comforting arms of depression and drown my sorrows in my favourite bottle of wine, whilst simultaneously eating my body weight in cheese. This plan works for a while, but eventually, I have to put down the corkscrew and formulate a plan. What would someone else do in this situation? Then it hits me – I will do what every millennial would do and start a blog. Very generic I know, but the idea at least gave me something to work on, and here we are…

I will be documenting my life in this little blog – all of it! You will read the good and the bad, be with me through the job interviews, the rejections (of which there have already been many), the moving of homes, the management of my sex life whilst living in the room next to my dad, all of it will be in black and white for you all to see! And maybe no one will see it. Maybe this blog will be buried in the chronicles of google, never to see the light of day. But on the off chance that I can provide some humour, some advice, or just the knowledge that someone else is going through the same thing, then that sounds like a worthwhile use of my time, and right now I seem to have plenty of it! So please, get comfy, enjoy my ramblings and write to me, let me know your stories…



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