Hey there!

Hi, I’m Sara, a northern lass who is approaching 30 and just doesn’t know what she is doing with life! A crazy, anxious, indecisive human who just wants to find her bloody ‘purpose’. Thanks for visiting!

PS. No that ain’t me in the pic, my home definitely isn’t that Instagram worthy. I’m currently on a mattress on the floor with a bottle of port – gotta keep it realistic for you!

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Hey there!

About Me

Hi, I’m Sara. Previously an Operations Manager, I recently became redundant during the Covid-19 nightmare that is our current lives and have now been faced with the big fat question I have been happily avoiding for years – what do I want to do with my life? I haven’t worked out something that most of my friends figured out in sixth form. So, people reading, I thought I would do what everyone in my generation seems to be doing and write a blog, in the hopes that getting things down on paper will help me solve the ramblings in my head.

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