Foodie Review: Meatball and Wine Bar (CBD)

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To save me from feeling a sad lonely loser on my actual birthday, we decided to combine with our girls Christmas get to together. For the first time since we all have known each other, which is going on for at least 4 or 5 years now, we will not be together at Christmas this year.

I’m heading to the homeland to meet my new niece.

WROS is also heading to the northern hemisphere for family time.

PRP is holidaying in Thailand with Frosty the Snowman and introducing him to her Mum. Eeeekkkk! He moves in this month too. Hurray for happy endings/beginnings.

Gym Bunny will be with her bro and Tennis Boy’s family.

And Ballerina Beauty is cooking for 10!

So seeing how it was my birthday, I chose the venue. I’d heard good things about the Meatball and Wine Bar for a few months now and was desperate to give it a go. Annoyingly they don’t take bookings as seems le mode in Melbourne these days. I rushed out of work to assess the score of how easy it would be to get a table for 5 on a Wednesday night but it seemed to be the most difficult question in the universe. Why can’t restaurant just use the simple booking system and make things easier for us all!

Anyway, the hostess was very polite and took my number promising to call in an hour with an update on waiting times. She dutifully kept me informed as we had a few school night drinks in GoGo bar underneath Chin Chin. I do love it in there. The barmen are friendly (and good-looking) which is such a rarity in the hipster hood that is laneway drinking.

We were seated by 7.30pm and were treated to so many choices. Choices between meat or cheese boards or both. Choices between meatballs or sliders. Choices between wine or beer. Choices between type of meatball, type of sauce and type of stuff you want to put the meatballs on. I opted for the pork, fennel and orange meatball in the tomato sauce on smashed potatoes. It was divine. We ordered a couple of salads for the table one again with orange, walnuts and fennel I could have easily eaten for the rest of my life and been happy.

The service was great, attentive, quick, accurate and friendly. Exactly what was required. I thought with the high turnover feel to non booking places, we’d feel rushed but we have a very relaxed couple of hours together. Enough time to eat, chat, swap presents, gossip, pull Christmas crackers, take the obligatory Facebook picture and pay up.

I shall definitely be visiting again and have been dreaming and those meatball and fennel salad ever since.

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