Foodie Review: Third Wave Cafe (Prahan)

Third Wave on Urbanspoon

Always up for finding a new brunch favourite, especially after my most recent favourite has gone considerably downhill of late, I accepted a kind invitation from the proprietor of Third Wave Cafe to check out his new project. Following the success of his place in Port Melbourne, he decide to brave it out with the big boys of Chapel Street and opened 8 weeks ago.

I rocked up with PRP on a very wet and cold Saturday morning purposely at peak brunching hour. Tucked away on Cato St, it’s sheltered from all the hustle and bustle of Chapel and the overspilling, over-priced and often over-rated multitude of cafs. It was bigger than I expected, except unlike the Tardis, it looks larger on the outside than it is on the inside. Which is a good thing, it was nice a cosy and warm inside, something it doesn’t look like from the outside.

The menu is pretty extensive with something for everyone. There was almost too much choice as there was 2 or 3 dishes I wanted, or is that an excuse to go back? I plumbed for a ‘build your own breakfast’ with the highly acclaimed scrambled eggs, chorizo and smashed avocado. The scrambled eggs claim to be the fluffiest in Melbourne which is quite a boast. PRP was nursing a bit of a hangover after being entertained courtesy of emirates in the Birdcage the night before. She opted for the breakfast muffin.

The coffees arrived swiftly and my large skinny cap was marvelously large. I do hate a cafĂ© who skimps on size however PRP wasn’t so lucky with her muffin. It did look meager in comparison to mine. I almost felt guilty as she was the one with the hangover and more in need of a good serve. But then again it was only $6.50 and there’s not many places in Melbourne, certainly not on Chapel you’d be able to brunch for under $10.

So the most important question: did the eggs live up to the hype. They were very light and fluffy and I’d agree that they are probably the fluffiest I’ve eaten in Melbourne. However, I’d almost say they were a little too light so whilst they met the claim I was left a little disappointed. Maybe I just like a bit more substance to my eggs. The smashed avo did make up for it though, with much minty freshness.

Third Wave is a little out of my way to become a firm local but PRP’s boyf lives very locally and she’s pledged to visit again soon. There’s definitely enough on the menu to get me back again even in my search for the perfect scrambled eggs continues…


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