Foodie review: Dr Jekyll

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A very local haunt of mine and I’m pretty sure if those walls could talk, they’d make you blush from the number of morning-after-the-night-before debriefs taken place there over the years. A 5 mins stroll down the notorious Grey St from my apartment, this place was a gem of a find and soon became my go-to for breakfast, brunch and whatever excuse I could find to have Jekyll eggs.

I’ve taken all my visitor friends here and heartily recommended it anyone who might want a St Kilda brunch suggestion.

Note the past tense.

It was a gem of a place.

The 87% approval rate nods to its last 2 years service to St Kilda. My last 3 visits have disappointed to say the least. The coffee is still good, it’s certainly still popular, the owner still friendly and accommodating (he once moved people around on a busy Sunday morning to fit in my extended family of 8). The staff and I suspect the cooks have all changed, possibly due to the transient nature of casual backpacking staff but wow do they need to lift their game.

There’s nothing more disappointing than when one of your favourite places slips from its pedestal.

I have the same thing every time I go in there. Jekyll eggs with avocado on the side and a large skinny cap. The eggs lay on a slice of sourdough, goats cheese and chorizo. You can have them scrambled or poached. I go for scrambled every time without fail. Yet the last 2 times I’ve ordered this, the eggs have come back poached. I really don’t want to be the picky annoying customer who sends their eggs back because they are cooked the wrong way, but I have twice now. I want them scrambled. I’m paying for them scrambled – don’t give me poached. There is a world of difference. On one occasion my Jekyll eggs were delivered to me in the shape of a toasted Panini! Seriously staff, get the orders right, that just the basics. The fact I’ve come back 3 times hoping you’d lifted your game shows how much I want you to be better.

I’ve yet to find a good alternative to my goats cheese, chorizo, eggs combo but I’m afraid to say I won’t be returning again.


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