The energy bunny

When I first started reading The Happiness Project, I was all ‘wow this book is going to change my life’. I vowed with WROS to start our own happiness project and stick to our resolutions and goals, map out a schedule etc etc etc. Yeah because that’s what I need now is another project to complete. I’m barely keeping my head above water as it is.

Plus Gretchen was kind of annoying with her perfect achievements and perfect children and perfect husband. By the time I got to July I was feeling quite inadequate and like I was failing before I’d even started. But there were some gems in there and I think there’s always room for self-improvement so although I’m not going to embark on a fully fledged project, I’ll take each month and focus on improving or developing an area of my life.

Similarly to Gretchen, I’ll need energy to do this and so October is the month I’m going to work on my energy levels.

When I started my new job at [health company], one of the many induction modules I undertook was a health and well being study. I’m a big advocate of organisations looking after their staff’s mental and physical well being seeing how 71.4% of our week is under the conditions. So I embraced it, filled out all sections, signed up to getting annoying weekly emails telling me to go to the gym, eating 5 portions of veg today and cut down on the booze etc etc etc. This was all stuff I knew and .although a reminder doesn’t do any harm, the fact I’m not obeying these commands shows it’s not really sinking in.

The section that shook me to my core was the bio age test. I’d never done one before and now I know exactly how it feels to be on The Biggest Loser. I comfort ate through the last months of being with Posh Boy – something I subconsciously do when I’m unhappy – and now was significantly heavier than I’d been in a years. I was going through the usual clothes don’t fit misery but when my bio age flashed up before me as 46, I sat up straight and nearly had the heart attack that I could be heading towards. I was biologically 10 years older than I am now. No matter how many stories you read about women in their late 30s having babies, there wasn’t very many in their late 40s!

Things had to change.

Since then I’ve lived at the gym most evenings, eating habits have improved and I’ve lost about 5kgs. I’ve still got 10kgs to go until I’ll be ‘happy’ but retaking the test my bio age is now a much healthier 24. Phew. There are lots of stories of 24 years having babies :)

But I’m knackered. Dark circles under eyes. Climbing out of bed like an 80-year-old. Sinking two coffees in the morning just to operate. The areas flagged to work on is my second test came back as:

– Change diet to plant-based and lean chicken and fish.

– Get more sleep.

The pseudo veggie thing I’ve thought about for a while. I was veggie for 5 years and it didn’t bother me but we’ll see. The sleep thing…well let me show you the results of this week’s app monitoring.

2013-10-04 11.29.53Yes you read that right. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had 4 and half hours sleep and last night not even 2! Although to be fair I did go back to sleep but my phone didn’t record it for some reason. Hence, why I’m working from home today and feel like my head is about to explode with congested yuckiness.

The 4-5 hours thing is normal for me. I struggle to get to sleep before midnight – it’s usually between 1 and 2 and get up between 6-7 for work. I’ve sort of gotten use to this and my eating levels compensate accordingly. Hence why I’m knackered with less food and more gym sessions.

2013-10-04 11.30.28 2013-10-04 11.30.46 2013-10-04 11.31.14Plus I’m mortified to discover Posh Boy was right, I snore!!! Although I like to think of it was cute heavy breathing, there’s no doubt when I play back the recordings I’m an annoyingly restless sleeper. The noise above is incomprehensible mutterings, coughing, rustling and yep snorts!

So my commitment for October is to get 6-8 hours sleep a night, starting tonight. The laptop is banned from the bedroom. I’m allowing my kindle and phone as it’s my alarm and measures my sleep. But no more blog reading, candy crush playing, tweeting or facebooking after 10pm. It’s the new law.

Will report back.


3 thoughts on “The energy bunny

  1. I am working on mindfulness and truth this month. Last month was my first, and you know, I do think I found myself more energetic, though it could just have been the cooler weather. I am working on The Happiness Project in conjunction with The Joy Diet. I decided that although I won’t quit trying to squeeze in my exercise, it is certainly not something that makes me happy, and so it isn’t going to be part of the project. But as one of my intentions was to get outside each day, I was using it to work in the yard and take walks. It got me off the couch, which ends up being good for my body.

    Good luck to you!

      1. I’ve had the book for years and only decided to commit to the process after reading The Happiness Project. The subtitle for The Joy Diet is 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life. It seemed like a good companion, and that does seem to be holding true.

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