Foodie Review: Papa Goose

Papa Goose on Urbanspoon

Rewind a month or so and it was Valentine’s Day. The first Valentine’s Day I’ve been in a relationship since 2005. That’s a bloody long time. You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d be very excited about not being single and alone on this Hallmark Card night of celebration but I wasn’t. I wasn’t bothered. So when Posh Boy suggested we go out a day later on the Friday, I readily accepted. Minimum fuss just a nice dinner and a few drinks.

We met for post work drinks (as is becoming a habit) at The Supper Club. I was there bang on 5pm and they were already counting people onto the roof terrace. It was a beautiful balmy evening so was lucky to beat the stampede of suits to cocktail hour. A couple of French martinis later and I was feeling quick merry.

We’d chosen Papa Goose from a shortlist of Entertainment Book venues ensuring a good discount. I think it was British slant it claimed on their menu yet once we were seated and looked more closely at the menu, there was very little Britishness about the food. I spied an Eton Mess and Theakston Best (in a bottle – sacrilege!) but that’s about as British as it got. We were in high spirits so we ordered drinks (beer for him, cocktails for me) whilst we contemplated the menu. The cocktails were good and a trip upstairs to the toilet unveiled a pretty funky bar.

Waitress was patient and very helpful as we struggled to decide on something. I don’t think it was our tipsy state, there simply wasn’t anything that jumped off the page. Then my eyes struck the 8 course degustation at a very reasonable $80 per head. Oysters, Scallops, Wagu, Salmon, Pate were treats for the taste buds. The portions were just right,  the flavours subtle as each course turned into a heightened claim that this one was definitely the best.

The waitress deserved her tip but suggesting great accompanying wine and we were given complementary dessert wines which ensured we were one the last couples remaining as the staff cleared up around us. We weren’t rushed. The manager flitted between tables to make sure we were all happy. It was a lovely romantic evening, great food at a good price  – and fabulous service that I wish was replicated everywhere.

Just don’t go there expecting Lancashire hot-pot or Roast Beef and Yorkshire puds. This restaurant is as British as the French manager.

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