Foodie review: Meat & Wine Co

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It wasn’t my choice, I was happy to stay supping my larger shandies at Riverland, but Poshboy’s boss had recommended the Meat & Wine Co. as a fab eatery and it was on the way to the gig. It was his night and was so excited about seeing Icehouse*, I didn’t want to burst his bubble. So off we trotted on a beautiful sunny Tuesday evening along Southbank. I am a bit of cynic when it comes to Southbank restaurants, they never seem to live up to the spectacular setting and Meat & Wine Co was no exception.

It was a Tuesday, around 6.30pm and they weren’t busy so I was confused as to why we had to wait 10 mins at the door whilst no less than 4 waitresses watched us waiting. A fifth waiter took us upstairs and showed us to a table next to the toilets – there was lots of other empty tables so again confusion as to why the toilet position was chosen for us. In a nutshell the service was terrible which at the prices they were charging was very poor form.

You could argue it’s the height of summer and in the middle of the tennis but I can’t reiterate this enough – THEY WEREN’T BUSY!

Poshboy ordered the wine, he knows what he likes and as I mentioned it was his night, the waiter tried to upgrade us to a more expensive wine which I don’t object to and we often adhere to advice if it’s coming from an informed source. This wasn’t – this was a blatant sales pitch, we weren’t going to be paying nearly $100 for a bottle of wine especially when we’d plumped for the cheaper end of the menu.

I asked how big the ‘best of both’ option was, a mixture of ribs and steak as I couldn’t decide between the two and wondered whether Poshboy and I should share. I was told by the waiter it came with a small steak and half a portion of ribs so would be plenty for one person but possibly not enough for 2. Poshboy ordered his usual filled steak and a side of veggies.

To be fair the food was good. His steak was more successful than mine as the pepper sauce was too creamy for me. The ribs were delicious and fell off the bone but I received an entire rack! I even asked the waiter if they’d made a mistake and given me a full rack instead of half, but apparently no, that was the portion size. Incidently this waiter was a different one to the one who’d told me the portion size wouldn’t be enough for two.

There was way too much food which just reinforced my ‘sales pitch’ theory and if I’m honest marred the evening. I was massively outfaced by so much meat. Posh boy tried to finish off the ribs for me but even he admitted we’d grossly over-ordered.

You can definitely get food just as good, if not better for those prices elsewhere – we’re talking not far off Rockpool prices – and service and location really does make all the difference. So in this case, I won’t be returning or recommending it to anyone else.


*Yep, 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back but it was worth for the mullet spotting opportunities. I’ve never been in such close proximity and with such a high standard of mullets in my life!

4 thoughts on “Foodie review: Meat & Wine Co

  1. Nothing Special Onion rings is the only dish.. rude waiters. Everything triple priced and dirty Ambiance We got a rude North Indian Punjabi staff member telling us to leave early as if the table booked already. Steaks and Lambs were overcooked. They do not marinate before cooking and just throw the flavour on it. Salads are not filling.Stale Prawns in Parmesan & Rocket Salad caused us Indigestion. They force you to buy fizzed imported spring water

    This is in SouthBank , Melbourne CBD, Victoria

      1. Thank you accepting the reality happened to a trip with my sister whom I met after 7 years from overseas to this place.
        They just sell something and rip your funds for nothing.

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