October foodie review @ Squires Loft

Squires Loft South Yarra Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

My current (lack of) work situation, a busy month and still paying off last month’s excesses in Singapore meant this month’s pay-day treat was pared back slightly. It was the boy’s choice and he plumped for our trusty favourite – or rather his trusty favourite – Squire’s Loft in South Yarra.

Steak and the trimming from Squire's Loft, South Yarra

Date night also coincided with me making a life changing decision with regards to work and a 27* sunny spring day so I was in celebratory mood. We kicked off with post work drinks at Melbourne Supper Club, another favourite of ours. Up on the roof terrace you feel like you’re in the middle of European city and it’s popular so get there early. The table service cuts it above the usual post work drinking holes.

Bookings are essential at Squires Loft and there is a sense of herded sheep as the time allowance it pretty tight at 1h30. Being a Friday, it was busy and we had an early slot at 6.15pm. We both ordered the fillet steak with chips, pepper sauce for me, garlic sauce for him. It’s a cardinal sin not to dip the chips into the sauce. It’s so yummy and the meat is cooked to perfection – even with my philistine ‘brunt to a crisp’ attitude to meat, it was perfect.

The wine is on the pricey side with nothing less than $50 a bottle but that does seem to be the norm these days. *Sigh*

My diet is strictly sugar-free or at least it was until I saw the desert menu. The boy can never go past Chocolate pudding and ice-cream and I can’t sit opposite him, not wanting to have one too. So I broke my diet (obviously alcohol doesn’t count) and indulged. If there’s ever a desert to break your diet for, it’s this one. Exquisite.

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